London Fashion Week made its mark amongst other prestigious fashion events, with my favourite designers showcasing elegant, Couture-Esque, ready-to-wear collections. Seeing some of the designs was love at first sight for me, from the colours to the silhouette that reminded me of subtle femininity. Emilia Wickstead’s Little Women-inspired collection really stood out for me. 

Often times, when we hear of life inspiring art, we expect to see the literal presentation of the muse in the final product. However, in this colourful and elegant collection, Emelia depicted the emotions she felt when she discovered the written and film adaptation of Louisa May Alcott’s classic novel Little Women.

The story followed four sisters navigating post-war America challenging pain, ambition (yes, the patriarchy), poverty and romance.

Little women 1994 adaptation
Photo credit: The New York times

From wild Jo turning down a convenient proposal to follow a dream in a field which poses a stumbling block to women, to Meg marrying for love against marrying to bring her family out of poverty to Amy who simply wanted to be loved for herself and Beth who really just to exist with the people she loved. 

This movie is a perfect representation of the phrase “there’s no one way to be a woman” and Emilia effortlessly brought this to life in her designs. From puffy sleeves to wild colours and gingham prints, women of all aspirations can easily find an outfit that they’d definitely like. 

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