London Fashion Week made its mark amongst other prestigious fashion events, with my favourite designers showcasing elegant, Couture-Esque, ready-to-wear collections. Seeing s…….

The “do not mix print” rule is one fashion rule I’m glad has been shattered. Although I am thrilled about this whimsical fashion trend, it’s a bit ironic that there are also rules to consider when mix……

Reducing and recycling are words we have probably come across over the years but how often do we think of doing something about it? Granted, some of us reuse plastic bottles or know peopl…….

 A series of black and white images inspired by Mary Ellen Clark expressing how seemingly opposite forces can be complementary, interconnected and interdependent in a natura….

This is a series of pictures taken on the eventful Sunday afternoon I spent in Bwari, Abuja when I visited the famous pottery village and lower Usuma Dam. I initially planned on naming this series ‘Life Without a Jacket’ because of how we braved the astonishing body of water at the dam, without the safety of life jackets, in leaky boats, paddled by the most courageous children I have ever encountered. The entire trip, although unplanned, turned out to be one of the most amazing experie….