5 Simple Ways To Mix Prints

The “do not mix print” rule is one fashion rule I’m glad has been shattered. Although I am thrilled about this whimsical fashion trend, it’s a bit ironic that there are also rules to consider when mixing prints.

You might have heard that the prints mixing trend has more to do with personality and may not be for everyone. This is partly true because fashion is all about wearing comfortable items that resonates with you. Regardless of this, playing with prints never hurt anybody!

Use stripes and polkadots as neutrals

When mixing patterns, it is better to mix simple print designs. Polka dots and stripes are one of the simplest print designs which are considered as neutrals on the pattern spectrum. Since they’re not as tricky as other complex pattern designs, it’s best to start with black and whites stripes/polka dots before working your way up to complementing colours.

Mix prints of different scales

One essential rule/tip is to pair large pattern designs with smaller ones. In doing this, the prints clash less and also complement each other. Another tip is to pair similar prints of different scales to create a defined look. 

Focus on the colours

Complimenting the print colours is one of the most important things to consider when mixing prints. Some experts believe it is better to chose patterned outfits based on how well they compliment each other. It is also nice to mix prints within same colour palettes (e.g black and white as shown in the illustration below). Another tip is to match low contrasting colours with high contrasting ones. 

Break them up with solids

There is a thin line between fabulousity and chaos, and breaking up prints with solid textures is a way to make sure you don’t cross that line. Breaking and layering with jackets or tops makes the entire outfit look orderly and put together. Always make sure you do this.

When in doubt, accessorize with animal prints

Lets take a cue from fashion icon Jenna Lyons who said “As far as I’m concerned, leopard is neutral” . Finishing looks with animal prints is a personal favourite especially when I’m in doubt. I mostly do shoes but you can play around with other accessories. 

If you know a print mixing hack, share in the comments section below. Don’t forget to style with love!

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